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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Song of the Week: Dead by April - Losing You

Sorry about the late post once again, say y'know I think we need some time management classes. Anybody willing to sponsor? Alright in any case, this week's song is by Dead by April, a band that's only just recently made some headway into the big time. This Swedish quintet have termed their music "experimental metal" due to their "fusion of soaring, catching pop melodies... combined with their healthy dose of relentless metal riffing". First album's coming out in May, all they have now is a single entitled Losing You, released only on the 9th of March this year (doesn't that make their band name sound real ominous?) and yeap this song's the title track.

Ok its not exactly very metal-ish, 'cept for the heaviness and the screaming maybe. There's no solos, if there's any guitar riffing, you sure can't hear it over the bass and the drums. Keyboards are on atmospheric duties, though they do sound nicely haunting. So the pop element comes in a very huge way: the melody and catchiness are all held up by the vocals mostly. And you realise, the sound gets a little generic, like something you would have heard half a decade ago from half a dozen bands. But hey unless you're some hardcore metal fan, I guess it doesn't matter, song's not too bad if you're not specifically looking for something outta it. The the song just sticks into your head after a while is my guess. After all, from their myspace page, the two versions of this song have garnered nearly 400,000 plays together.

I dunno 'bout you, but when I think Sweden, I think Gothenburg metal. Y'know, In Flames, At the Gates, Dark Tranquility (we've done a review on one of their albums). These guys have a pretty long way to go before people think of them, musicianship aside. I mean, look at them.. Faux hawk hairstyles? Ear stretching? And those quirky tattoos? This is out of it man, kinda yesterday even in punk scenes. And alright, so that's their official video for "Losing You" below but you can pretty much just listen and not watch it. I have got no idea what they're trying to express and the best thing that I've been reading from reviews of it is well... the chick in it is hot.

So. conclusion from all the schizophrenic praise 'em and tear 'em down, what they're doing is nothing new. In fact, its old, like 10 years ago old. But hell they just got it up, and if the song's any indication, they're not bad at it so why not? It worked 10 years ago. Just get a better image, and some artistic sense while doing vids, and hey you deserve a chance dudes.

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gutaxxx69 said...

son muy wenos de todos los grupos q escucho este es el mejor muy buen grupo