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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Song Of The Week: Sylosis - Oath Of Silence

Shamed by the weak and cast down in disgust

A shell of a broken man without trust

Preaching upon open ears of the deaf

Depraved words uttered beneath your cold breath

Killing what's left of the embers of youth

Scraping and clawing for a whisper of truth

Sewing our mouths shut as nothing escapes

Love and grave is a display of a man you once were

But unlike the hand of Midas

hat you touch with turn to shit

Blood will flow between us

And the ground will shake until you repent your sins

The touch of cold skin and the embrace of life

In darkness dwells secrets in a holy disguise

Nothing will soothe you, old hands will turn numb

Silence will not speak

But unlike the hand of Midas

What you touch will turn to shit

Burn this fucking savior

Until you see the damage you cause

Well-known as one of the largest and most powerful empires in the past, Britain may not be such a hegemon in the political world today, but when it comes to the world of metal music, it is still a millenium too early to overlook them.

Sylosis is a British hybrid metal band hailing from Reading, Berkshire. They had formed at the start of the 2nd millenium back in 2000, thus being one of the pioneering underground metal bands of Britain by default (there wasn't really much of an underground scene in Britain back in the earlier part of the decade, most people then probably only knew who Cradle Of Filth or Iron Maiden were).

 I don't call them hybrid metal for nothing, for their music style is unique in the sense that they fuse the loudness of thrash, the melodic intricacy of melo-death, the aggressiveness of metalcore, and even the atmospheric feel of progressive metal to form a style that belongs to them alone. As you can probably already hear for yourself from "Oath Of Silence" above, their lead guitar kicks (or perhaps rips) ass just like how a good metal band should, and their drums and bass guitar parts are sure to annoy the hell outta your *JB-worshipping neighbours with the earthshaking tremors they spew out of your bass booster.

One unimpressive point about them however, would be the vocals [as usual]. Yes well, you might be thinking "What? It's just friggin' screaming?!" I don't blame you all for that, for most people still have little to no comprehension of the significance of harsh vocals in metal music. When done correctly, harsh vocals do add another quintessential music line to a piece of music. But, when done carelessly or in a perfunctory way, it mostly doesn't do justice to the supporting instrumentals or in worst-case scenarios, even spoil the whole song (e.g. "My Sharona (My Knack)" by The Number 12 Looks Like You).

Britain's underground melo-death leaders: From left to right - Carl Parnell (Bass Guitar), Robert Callard (Drums), Jamie Graham (Vocals), Alex Bailey (Guitar), Josh Middleton (Guitar)

All in all, should you find the silence in your house too overbearing, give "Oath Of Silence" a listen to douse everything within the four walls to the very air you breathe in dark, obscene colours. Having influences that range from Death to the likes of Metallica, Testament and even Opeth, this is one band variety-seeking metalheads sure do not want to miss out on.

*a triplet of queer, musically challenged apes known as the Jonas Brothers

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