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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Linkin Park Frontman Goes Back To Roots

Old Linkin Park fans, rejoice.

Chester Bennington, the irreplaceable frontman of the Californian had-been nu-metal stars, has joined forces with keyboardist Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater on a new project. Dubbed “Flawed Element”, the project harkens back to the golden days of old Linkin Park circa early 2000’s, but with a new symphonic-cum-progressive twist.

When pressed by had-been fans whom went wild after hearing a preview of the upcoming album on Bandcamp, the tattoo enthusiast explained that the name was meant to be a repentance of some sort.

A statement from the frontman’s Facebook page reads:

Yes, the name “Flawed Element” is meant as an apology to the legion of disappointed Linkin Park fans out there. Sorry I estranged all you guys out there for the past half-decade. It took me five years to get my act together, and also realize just how much of an error it was on my part to have dabbled in electronic pop. After witnessing the rise of Skrillex, I decided enough was enough. It has got to be back to real instruments, the basics—guitars, drums, synths and my throaty screams. Jordan [Rudess] has been a real blast to work with, and he really brought my secret admiration for Dream Theater to a whole new level. Look out for a few guest stars as well, and once again guys, I am back.

Flawed Element will begin a headlining tour of America this fall alongside Evanescence, Flyleaf, and Kells. More details can be seen on this page.

Flawed Element – Without You

“Breaking The Silence” is now available for preview at Bandcamp.

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