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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Learning Editor: Part 1

It's been such a long time since I visited my own start-up's blog. I have to admit, I was pretty disillusioned with how little attention we are getting over here; which was why I have been contributing to various webzines over the past half year, picking up stuff from how the other webzines run themselves and getting some ideas here and there.

Zen and I actually have big plans for this blog. Unfortunately, due to government-imposed restrictions on personal freedom and our own personal commitments at the moment, ZLM will not be going dot-com anytime soon (Yes, we were actually planning to do so like... a few months ago). Do keep an eye out for issue #2 though-it will be released in its entirety online once its done and will be free to download!

In the mean time, you superbly free people who stumbled upon our unknown little site can browse our "Slaughtered Lambs" section near the bottom of the right-hand column for a list of websites I fancy (and of which there are some I contribute to). Oh yeah, if y'all are wondering what that seemingly random metal album cover is doing up there, well, I recently wrote a review of it for a certain Canadian rock/metal webzine and I needed an online place hosting this image in order for my editor to find it online (contributors aren't allowed to upload images), so here it is! Also, this band is virtually unknown, and googling them turns up nothing, so I guess ZLM should start turning up from now on whenever someone googles "Hellghast"!

Expect to see more writing over there from me over the next few months than over here, and no, I am not revealing my pen names for whichever one of those sites I contribute to. It is more fun to keep you guys guessing! ;-)

P.S.: Although the select few who personally know me on Facebook should be able to tell what are some of my common pseudonyms.

- Wraith

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you don't start a webzine and get "disillusioned" just because you don't hit the "ideal" number of views and get enough attention. a webzine, especially for a genre such as metal, should be started for your own dedication and passion rather than to get some sort of glory or whatsoever. if you start a zine just to get hits and famous (which is what i have gotten out of this post), then how different are you from gig organisers that organise gigs in hopes of simply earning money?

granted, it is definitely satisfying to know that people read your site, but if hits and views to your site is mainly what motivates you, then may i recommend you blog things that are more mainstream instead of metal, which isnt something meant to be "pop".