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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy April's Fool 2012!

Yeah, well, many sites have been doing it for years (and still are). So, we decided to join in the fun a little.

Yes, Chester Bennington obviously has no plans of ever going back to the old Linkin Park days. The sky will fall down, shatter, and the resultant spray of tiny shards will rip into Wolverine and tear him apart from the inside out before he will even consider doing it. And of course, we know Wolverine is practically indestructible.

Oh, the dot-com blog is coming along quite nicely. It should be up by the end of this month or next month (again, if things go smoothly). You guys must have noticed since a long time ago that our involvement with this Blogspot blog has been nothing but the opposite of extreme enthusiasm for quite some time now.

We're looking forward to starting with a clean slate and new policies with the upcoming dot-com blog.

See ya.

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