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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Song Of The Week: Destrophy - The Way Of Your World

It's all been done before and
No one can listen to anyone's answers
They're drifting farther everyday
And they say

“We hold our hands to block the sun
We blame the light for what we’ve done
We look away so We’ll forget what We’ve become”

First take what you want
Then you throw it away
- This is the way of their world
Don't know what you've got
Until it's taken away
- This is the way of your world

When the night falls you know who you are
And you cast reflections as the mirror gathers rust
“It’s so safe and lonely with you”
Lovers ripping in two
Grind away ‘till nothing’s left
There’s nothing left inside

First take what you want
Then you throw it away
- This is the way of their world
Don't know what you've got
Until it's taken away
- This is the way of your world
Your lives will fade before their time
And you’ll never say goodbye

The end of all the things you know
And all of what you can be
It’s fading fast before you

What we want, we are.

Ah, another solid metal band to add to Victory Record's roster of diverse musicians. Formed in 2002, this Iowa "melodic metal" band is certainly radio-friendly.

As they themselves have said it during an interview in VictorV Episode 51, they are basically a band that plays heavy stuff yet throw in poppish-sounding choruses that are easy to get hooked on as well. Well, not like most metal fans would be complaining anyway (me included). If you were to ask me to choose between, say, Dead By April and them, I would definitely choose them. I mean, sure, they both have poppish-sounding choruses, but Dead By April's poppish choruses just sound a little too whiny for my own liking. Destrophy's style of poppish-sounding choruses on the other hand, are just right, and in fact, they remind me of those old metal bands whom utilize group vocals frequently throughout the entire length of their songs.

Heh, I wonder if they did it on purpose to get some airtime on radio, 'cos that was definitely a tried-and-true tactic for popular metal bands of the past.

Destrophy is certainly a blast of fresh air to any metalhead who follows Victory's metal roster, because they are probably the only damn band in there who utilizes such catchy clean vocals. I am definitely one of them, they are a good break from deathcore and melo-death bands. Did I mention that Ari, their frontman (picture on top) is also one of those rare guitarists who can actually play half-naked during live shows? Yeah, look at his buff physique (*whistle*), that is the very good reason he has that many other of his peers lack to do so during live shows :P. So not only do Destrophy have a radio-friendly sound, they certainly have eye candy in the form of a frontman with the body of a Greek hero too. Man oh man, Petri Lindroos must feel so envious! Oh yeah, I personally thinks he resembles Hugh Jackman too.

Heavy Candy: From left to right - Phil. T (Bass Guitar), Ari (Vocals/Guitar), Bruce Swink (Guitar), Joe Fox (Drums)

All in all, Destrophy would be another good band to check out for this year. I especially recommend them for fans of alternative rock, or nu-metal. Fans of Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, Korn, Papa Roach and the likes should like Destrophy's music. They are currently on tour with Type O Negative and Otep, and this is not related to this week's post, but check out Destrophy's fellow label mate, Otep, too. She's hot for a goth-makeup sporting, and heavily tattooed industrial metal musician. B-D

Alright, here is the awkward and time-wasting moment at the end of each "Song Of The Week" post when I try to come up with as many words as possible just to fill up the empty spaces left before this paragraph extends below that last picture used (in this case, the one on the right of Bruce Swink). Awesome, I just went below him, time to end if off here.

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