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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Featured Musician: Petri Lindroos

His friends call him Pete. His fans call him Pete. So yeah, I call him Pete. See, Pete is the co-founder, and was the vocalist and lead guitarist, of the melodic death/power metal band Norther. He also joined the viking folk metal band Ensiferum in 2005, following the departure of Ensiferum's then vocalist and guitarist Jari Mäenpää, filling in the exact same roles of his predecessor.

Petri Lindroos are long-time friends with former Children of Bodom guitarist Alexander Kuoppala and it was the latter who helped Norther out a great deal when the band first started out. I s'pose that would be a huge reason why Norther's style was heavily influenced by C.o.B at first and received criticism for being copycats. But Norther has since shaped their own musical style, and Pete has played a huge part before and after this transition.

As part of Norther, Pete has played a character in the Finnish movie "Vares 2 - Jäätynyt Enkeli" and their songs "Frozen Angel" and "Reach Out" were featured as well. He is also fond of playing at gigs half-naked despite the fact that he doesn't have a sexy muscular body.

Sadly, as of March 4 this year, our beloved founding member left Norther to fully concentrate on Ensiferum, now adding war paint to his naked torso during live performances and maybe a sword hanging on his hip. *sobs* Don't get me wrong, I like Ensiferum, both during Jari's time and Pete's, but I think its a damn pity for Norther, and if you've heard Pete's replacement, former Imperanon vocalist Aleksi Shivonen, sing with his whiny high-pitched shrieks, you'd agree with me too. Sigh..

Below is the music video for "Frozen Angel", which features scenes from Vares 2.

Norther will never forget you Pete, and your awesome words of wisdom:

Yeap that's right folks, eat bunnies, not shit.

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