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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Song of the Week: Arch Enemy - Revolution Begins

Arch Enemy, with their female harsh vocalist (who actually looks quite hot =P) and their seemingly telepathically-linked guitarist siblings. They're so good, they're one of the only melodic death metal bands that I actually like who doesn't have a keyboardist. And this song, "Revolution Begins", from their 2007 album Rise of the Tyrant, pretty much exemplifies why.

Angela Gossow's voice is distinctly feminine and yet few harsh vocalists can sounds as menacing, as ... feral. It exudes energy, the growls sound really filled with hatred and the screams are definitely not whines, which is what most vocalists, especially American ones, tend to do when they start trying to reach a higher octave. While such a perpetually angry voice can hardly bring out any other emotion, Arch Enemy balances out that aggression with their metal ballads, which is usually where the Amott brothers start to shine, but that's for another time, probably in an album review.

The guitars get lots of credit here already as it is with the melodies crafted. "Revolution Begins" is heavy and not particularly fast but, despite the lack of a 'boardist, is still very melodic while retaining its headbanging qualities. And I find it somehow a rather uplifting song. Lyrically, its about not conforming to the system, and the voice, the solos and the overall feel of the song just transmits that energy which really brings out that f*ck-you-world-I'm-gonna-live-my-life attitude within you. So yeah, cast off the mental chains that's holding you back, let your metal revolution begin and take a listen! ^^

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