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Friday, May 22, 2009

Songs Of The Week: The Autumn Offering - Curtain Hits The Cast | Bleeding Through - Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire

Floridan death metal band, The Autumn Offering will be back with a renewed attack on the metal scene with Requiem, their 3rd studio album that will be (in TAO's own words) "by far the band's most ambitious and dense material yet. Longer songs, complex rhythms, and dynamic vocals fill out this 11-track monster."

Well, the song I have uploaded onto YouTube above sounds good, and let's hope the rest of the album stays that way. The Autumn Offering has always been one of those quality metal bands on Victory Records' metal roster, and that is because they are typically melodic death metal with heavy influence from the metalcore sub-genre, something which many new American metal bands today lack. Sure, the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder may be melo-death, but their vocals suck. Sure, A7X has nice instrumentals, but again, the vocals suck (e.g. Many people I know thought "Beast And The Harlot" sounded good until M. Shadows started 'singing'). The Autumn Offering has merely okay harsh vocals, but at least, it doesn't suck so bad that you would get tired of the song after a few listens. Considered to be part of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal (NWOAHM) movement, The Autumn Offering is one band you would not want to miss out on.

Requiem is out June 9, 2009.


Bleeding Through is one of the more melodic bands from the deathcore genre. Deathcore is one of the most controversial of metal sub-genres, drawing criticisms from many people that principally flames its messy instrumentals, screaming vocals that sound more like monsters growling than humans spewing words out, and its lack of depth in lyrical content. Even Zen himself has called it "noise", thus, only I am left to appreciate the little-appreciated stuff (as usual). 

Now, as a metalhead immersed in the non-mainstream scene might or might not already know, most deathcore bands all like to name themselves something bloody, morbid, religiously inclined, or random. Through The Eyes Of The Dead, As Blood Runs Black, WhenBloodBurns, The Taste Of Blood, Walls Of Jericho, Whitechapel, these are just the tip of the ice(blood?)berg, and this usually spells doom to a potential new fan. Why so? This is because generally speaking, most deathcore bands whom have followed this trend so far have extremely un-melodic, thrashy, dissonant music that is called noise by many to date. Even the more mainstream deathcore bands like Bring Me The Horizon have been called by punk rock band, Bayside's frontman to be "making a mockery". 

Being the open-minded dude that I am, I just cannot bring myself to diss deathcore like that. Personally, my opinion is that deathcore was probably NOT MEANT to be as melodic as typical music is supposed to be like in the first place, instead being an avant-garde musical entity that provides differentiated individuals whom have either an extremely unique taste for music or an extremely weird taste for music, with an outlet to satisfy their little understood needs. Bleeding Through has given me a rather good impression, because they actually use clean vocals from time to time (not like they are good clean vocals anyway) in some of their songs, unlike the 90% others that scream and growl their way through their compositions of hatred.

Bleeding Through is: Brandan Schieppati (Lead Vocals), Jona Weinhofen (Guitar), Ryan Wombacher (Bass/Vocals), Derek Youngsma (Drums), Marta Peterson (Keyboards), Brian "Lefty" Leppke (Guitar)

Anyway, the music video above for this single is from Bleeding Through's 3rd studio album, "This Is Love, This Is Murderous" released back in 2003. If you have already watched it before reading the rest of this post, did you not find the video being romantic in a morosely dark way? Making a mannequin and all (probably as a reminder of someone you once loved but passed away), with so much time and effort spent on it, and then taking a nap because you thought you were hallucinating, only to wake up and realise even the mannequin has abandoned you in your life. Most deathcore bands probably don't bring across their meaning clearly in both their abstract lyrics and videography, but some like Bleeding Through certainly has succeeded doing so with their music videos, and even managed to induce sympathy within the view/listener's heart through their beautifully ugly music. 

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