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Monday, October 5, 2009

Song of the Week: Avantasia - Lost in Space

The saga of pop sounding metal continues at zetalambmary! This time with what is positively the lynch pin of Avantasia's latter day career, "Lost in Space". Why is that? Well this catchy melodic song first made its appearance in a single entitled (you guessed it) Lost in Space in 2007 and went on to feature in 2 EPs (Lost in Space (Part 1) and Lost in Space (Part 2)), one compilation album (Lost in Space (Part 1 and 2) yes the creativity with album titles are not lost on us) and just for good measure, was included as the last song in Avantasia's most recent album, The Scarecrow. About half a dozen different versions of it exist, but they don't deviate from each other a great deal, which makes it either a really good song, or Avantasia is simply milking it for as much as it can fetch in aesthetic value.

As a side project of Edguy's frontman Tobias Sammet, this symphonic power metal band was founded in the turn of the new millenium and has since released 3 studio albums, with Toby as the consistent vocalist while numerous guest musicians lend their hand in this endeavour to create "a world beyond human imagination". This is aptly reflected in "Lost in Space", with its lyrics attempting to place a setting for introspection in a out-of-this-world context. And I dunno, there's something about the debonair charm of Toby that allows the suave German to pull it off. Musically though, it resides very comfortably within the pop zone that ensures a guarantee that even if one isn't hooked on the song, they're not likely to dislike it. After all, what's there to dislike? There's a handsome young guy with an interesting voice (am I sounding way too jealous here? XD) singing a totally catchy chorus that at least has more depth in content than most gormless pop songs out there. It exhibits a sense of romance and wanderlust. How many metal songs out there can accomplish that?

Ah but therein lies a cause for repulsion- "Lost in Space" hardly constitutes as rock, to say nothing of metal. There are generic female vocals at the back, largely simple tunes are coming from all instruments that serve as ambiance at best and without Toby's voice driving this song, it could very well serve as a backdrop for taichi or meditation. In any case, "Lost in Space" is not particularly original or amazing, it just sounds.. so difficult to dislike. Just that as a matter of principle, metal fans would utterly resent the fact that Avantasia seems to be selling out to a larger audience and neglecting the core metal community that it first based its very existence on. But I'd say give the guy a break, its his side project, he's doing his time with Edguy. This isn't bad anyway if you're willing to let your prejudices go. I'd pick this over Backstreet Boys any day.

Official MV for "Lost in Space". Watch it, and get a feel of Avantasia's world.

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