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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Song Of The Week: Opeth - The Drapery Falls

When talking about Progressive Metal/Rock these days, it is not abnormal for one to automatically think of Dream Theater immediately.

Kick them outta your minds then idiots! Even in your dreams! This is Zetalambmary dude, NOT
Rolling Stone! 
(Or any other mainstream rock magazine for that matter)

Opeth, a Swedish progressive death metal band that formed in the year of 1990, is the progressive metal band of choice for most underground metalheads.

Fusing folk, death, doom, and even some elements of rock (as heard on Damnation, 2003), Opeth's often lengthy songs (typically 6 minutes and above) exude an atmospheric ambience of foreboding, epicness, and mystery. Combined with the occasional clean singing, this band shows that harsh vocals aren't just "mindless screaming", but the perfect polar opposite of clean vocals that wouldn't exist without the other. In fact, I would find it hard to savour progressive metal bands without harsh vocals, for there are certain times when overwhelming emotions such as sorrowful angst has got no other better way to express it then with a death growl.

The above mentioned song is a single off of Blackwater Park (2001), Opeth's 5th studio album that finally gave them a little mainstream recognition and increased popularity in the earlier part of this decade. With a hypnotic bass line that is sure to catch your ear after a few listens, and emotionally-charged lead guitar melodies that create a dreamy alternate universe with their melancholic world-weariness, this is a band that actually does justice to the name Dream Theater... but! Opeth still sounds cooler though :D

This song represents Opeth at their very best, showcasing most if not all of their musical elements (and their famed lengthiness) mentioned earlier on in this post, and they undoubtedly come together to form the signature style of this top-quality progressive metal band. With the exception of their drummer, Opeth's guitarists and vocalist are excellent musicians who are serious about what they do, and this masterpiece that is accurate to a fault in the video of their live performance below is proof of it.

All in all, if you are looking for a good progressive metal song to slowdance to, "The Drapery Falls" is a good choice to begin with.

Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful world of slow melodic tunes and ambient moods today.

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