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Monday, December 22, 2008

Song Of The Week: Edge of Sanity - Twilight

"I close your eyes and whisper Goodbye.

You will never see how I cry.

I can recall what you said to me once:

If I leave there will be a sign

And the twilight will show me tonight.

From dusk to dawn. That's when we arise.

All souls forlorn, come down from the skies.

We're called the mist by the human race."

Hi there, I'm back with a rather familiar-looking title. Yes, unless you have been living under Jabba the Hutt, there is no reason for any of you to have not heard of Twilight. Just in case any of you really have been living under that obese alien slug, Twilight is a recent viral movie and novel from the New York Times bestselling author, Stephanie Meyer's hit vampire teen romance quadrology series. 

As much as the above columns of words sound like they are referring to the setting in Meyer's erotica, they are not. 

They belong to the song "Twilight", by the now-defunct, Swedish death metal band, Edge of Sanity. Honestly speaking, this song does fit the theme of the Twilight movie quite well, what with the lyrics telling the story of a man hit by the eventual realisation that death is not a scary thing afterall, and what he seeks is in the afterworld. I wouldn't be surprised if this song is ever found on the movie's OST (Original Soundtrack), but as we all cruelly know, there is a very valid reason why death metal is also known by the better-sounding name, "underground music". (read as "will-never-surface-to-the-public-world music")

Take a listen!: Morbid, dark, unique.

Metalheads who usually ogle only at the guitarists of metal bands, this song will be a real eye (ear?) opener to you. Dan Swanö (Guitarist/Vocalist of Edge of Sanity), is an influential figure in the underground world of metal music, and on this song, his growling vocals go perfectly with his soaring guitar solo, creating not only melodic satisfaction but a sort of hazy effect due to the constant search for stability between the vocal and lead guitar parts. 

Teetering off the Edge of Sanity were: Dan Swanö (Vocals/All instruments), Andreas "Dread" Axelsson (Lead Guitar, Backing vocals), Sami Nerberg (Guitar), Anders Lindberg (Bass Guitar), Benny Larsson (Drums)

This song comes off of the album, "Purgatory Afterglow", which is also home to one of Edge of Sanity's biggest hits, Black Tears. An interesting point to note would be that Black Tears is covered by two fellow European metal bands, Heaven Shall Burn and Eternal Tears of Sorrow. 

All in all, "Twilight" is a solid, gritty death metal piece, with a guitar solo that is sure to capture the guitarist-lover's ears. Guaranteed to be set on repeat for quite some time (if you are a true metalhead), this is one song that will not be forgotten long after the dissolving of the band. 

With all of that said, I really have to be frank here. Let the music do the talking! There's definitely no better way to convince you then to make you listen to the song. 

So for now, let us delve into the sinister world of Edge of Sanity!

Vampires!: Hang on baby, I'm gonna bring you to the twilight world now.

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