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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Firewind: The Premonition

March 25 2008
Century Media


1. Into the Fire [6:29]

2. Head up High [3:46]

3. Mercenary Man [3:28]

4. Angels Forgive Me [4:57]

5. Remembered [3:38]

6. My Loneliness [4:04]

7. Circle of Life [4:14]

8. The Silent Code [4:48]

9. Maniac [4:55]

10. Life Foreclosed [4:52]

Ok, in a nutshell, this album isn't impressive. Its just unconventional and unusually good. Maybe its because they're Greek. This power metal band started out as Greek guitar god Gus G's idea wayy early on but didn't fully manifest itself as a real band for quite awhile because of Gus G's numerous duties in other bands such as Nightrage, Dream Evil and Mystic Prophecy. After several line-up changes and a somewhat shaky start, Firewind is finally a team that stuck, Gus G has ditched all the other gigs and they've produced this.. this.. piece of work..

As I've said, there's nothing groundbreaking about The Premonition but something about it makes it solid. Other reviews I've read have been comparing it to Allegiance, the only other album released by Firewind that features the same line-up in 2006, but since The Premonition is my virgin experience with Firewind so to speak, my opinions are solely based on this album alone. Quality is good, lyrics are decent. Apollo's voice is rather unique in my opinion, but in a good way- the vocal display is attractive, powerful but melodious. The melodies are unusual, but somehow its just catchy, especially how you'll find yourself humming the chorus of each song not long after.

Of course, when you get a mega superstar like Gus G in the band, he practically outshines everyone. Keyboards are practically atmospheric, with Bob Katsionis only wagging his fingers on a few short solos here and there. Petros Christo is almost non-existent, the bass is hardly audible. Hell if his guitar could enunciate words, Apollo would be gone too. But there's an obvious reason why Gus G gets to hog the playing time: he's good. This magician exhibits something rare in metal guitarists: talent in not just shredding. Oh he can rip, you can bet your ass on that, but if you wanna know how good he really is, listen to the parts when he slows down, such as in the middle of Angels Forgive Me, man its heartstrings he's got strung on his guitar.

And speaking of heartstrings, My Loneliness is one of the better ballads I've heard from metal bands. Generally throughout the album, from energetic tracks like Remembered and Into the Fire to midtempo rockers such as Life Foreclosed, there are creative bits of experimentation that pulls them off good. Its probably like nothing you've ever heard, but hmm.. I can get used to this.

Verdict: 4/5

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