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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Genre Seeker: Introducing... Mathcore.

Protest The Hero: Sequioa Throne

Between The Buried And Me: Alaska

Mathcore, is a variation of metalcore, which is itself, also a variation of metal. This genre's music is typically rhythmically complex, with no set time signatures at all for even a few mere seconds. In fact, it really makes one wonder if the musicians behind the music are mathematical genii whom so ingeniously incorporated mathematically-inspired tempo and rhythm, or simply rambunctious music rebels who need to release their pent up frustration through lightning-fast playing on their instruments. The music is generally fast-paced, driving, and melodically appealing in a grinding kind of way. The guitar parts are usually extremely fast, and play solos that have complex guitar riffs squeezed into them. Even the vocals are usually fast, but harsh or not, it varies from band to band.

For example, BTBAM (Between The Buried And Me) typically has harsh vocals on their songs, such as the death growls heard throughout 'Alaska'. On the other hand, bands like Protest The Hero has a vocalist that actually sings [check out their songs in the playlist above].

Well, Mathcore may not be the casual metalhead's cuppa tea, but it is worth giving it a try. Metalcore fans especially, might soon just find themselves calculating infinity while rocking out to songs that sound more like diffused mathematics.

                        North Carolina Progressive Metal/Mathcore band, BTBAM

                                Canadian Mathcore band, Protest The Hero

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