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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Q&A with Richard Patrick of Filter

Filter, the 30 Seconds To Mars of the alternative metal scene, is one band that piqued the interest of many extreme metallers worldwide during fall last year. Their latest studio album "The Trouble With Angels" had its distribution in Europe secured with famed extreme metal label, Nuclear Blast!

Nonetheless, regardless of whether you are an extreme metaller or not, Filter's music will most probably still warrant at least a listen from most people. It is pretty easy on the ears, and the heartfelt clean singing from our dear interviewee here is what puts the "alternative" into the metal for them. So without further ado, let's have a little chat with Richard!

Zetalambmary: Hello there Richard, pardon us for asking this a tad bit too late, but is there any significance behind the band’s name?

Richard: The band’s name “Filter” came from just the overall functionality of the brain. Everybody’s brain is a filter.

Zetalambmary: You used to play guitar in NIN. After so many years, have you ever regretted leaving NIN and setting up Filter?

Richard: Nope! I quit that band and never looked back. I had a blast when I was in it but I just never felt comfortable in that situation.

Zetalambmary: Do you feel that you have matured in any way with Filter over the years?

Richard: I think everybody matures. I think every band matures. I think it’s healthy to explore. Have you ever thought your writing has changed as a journalist?

Zetalambmary: Have you ever considered dabbling in noise music?

Richard: Yes! I created my children! They take every musical instrument I have and make tons of noise. They are the best and they will kick ass over any other noise band in the world.
That is a challenge, world!

Zetalambmary: So “The Trouble With Angels” is indeed a heavier album than “Anthems For The Damned” as you promised it would be. Is it a sonic representation of your frustration at anything while you were recording the album?

Richard: I had a blast on that record! I can't wait to do a little tour over there in Europe. I hope it leads to greater things.

Zetalambmary: Based on earlier interviews you have done, the lyrical content of the latest album seems quite eclectic. I mean, it ranges from touching on the friction between Galileo and the Church to talking about your intoxicated past. Is there an overarching theme linking these lyrical subjects together?

Richard: You've gotta speak your mind. It needs to come naturally...
I'm actually getting to a point where I want people to take what they want from my lyrics, and for me not to give it all away…

Zetalambmary: News has it that you have been working on new songs for movie soundtracks again. Do you constantly work on movie soundtracks so as to gain more exposure for Filter?

Richard: Yes, I'm actually writing a movie right now. It's so much fun.

Zetalambmary: Ever considered acting in a movie instead of making music for it?

Richard: Acting is fun, I love acting. I'm going to continue to do it all!

Zetalambmary: Do you see yourself working together with fellow Rocket Science Ventures label mate Clown from The Black Dots of Death in the future?

Richard: As long as I'm on the bottom! ;)

Zetalambmary: Nearly 9 years have passed since you successfully completed rehab. How were those 9 years without alcohol and drugs? Do you still feel the urge to smoke or drink these days?

Richard: Thanks for noticing! Not until September 28th is it 9 years. I am so fucking done with drugs and alcohol. It is sometimes hard to remember that I was that guy. I love being sober.

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