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Monday, November 29, 2010

Song Of The Week: Within The Ruins - Invade

This band has really matured quite a bit since the last time I have visited them on this blog. Whether they saw my advice the last time round or not (Haha! I wish!), it is definitely good that they did clean up their image after all. They sure look more like metal musicians now!

One thing that might be quite amusing to note though, and I bring it up because Zen has mused to me about this phenomenon on quite a few occasions so far; what is with all these metal musicians in bad shape playing topless?! Notice how Drummer their drummer is playing topless in the music video above even though he has a physique that would make a Greek god roll over in delirious laughter? Look at the "tsunami waves" he creates whenever the camera rolls over to Drummer briefly in the music video...

Musically, their guitars still retain that signature high-pitched sound complete with that same old frenetic playing. This is a mind-blowingly technical masterpiece full of speedy and precise breakdowns, fretboard raping, flying fingers, impossible riffing, and an attitude that simply just kicks ass! But the music video is a typical one that simply shows the band rocking out to their own performance, albeit with lots of bouncy moments, and it sure does show off the technical prowess of the guitarists. The possible addition of an animation of some sort showing an unknown creature pillaging some small town somewhere would have been nice though, although since that has not been done, this music video serves as a good live performance video for WTR fans to watch over and over again whenever they feel like seeing the band in action.

Tech Metal Masters: From left to right - Drummer (Drums), Joe Cocchi (Guitar), Tim Goergen (Vocals), Jay Van Schelt (Guitar), Mike Beaujean (Bass Guitar)

If you are a metalhead who has not heard of WTR until today, go on, play the video and be bewildered. Actually, the same praise can be showered on practically every other track off of the entire "Invade" album, but my lazy mind is telling me that the pillow on my bed is more worthy of my attention on such a comfortably cold night.

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