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Sunday, August 15, 2010

ChthoniC 閃靈: Mirror Of Retribution tour (Live In Singapore!)

East Asia's first extreme metal band to be signed on to a major European metal label (aka Spinefarm Records), the world's first Oriental Black Metal band, a politically active frontman, and.... a hot bassist! If not for these unique features of the band, Chthonic would probably just be another everyday Asian black metal band, trying as hard as they can to break into the international market.

Chthonic is 15 years old as of 2010, and these Taiwanese black metal legends had been to Singapore once 10 years ago, making this more recent trip to Singapore their second to date. The concert yesterday was nothing short of a breathtaking experience, with me and my trusty digital camera planted at the very first row of the audience in the center, it was very deafening as well (ear plugs are awesome). However, it was only because of my fantastic location that I could take many clear and close-up pictures of the band members (with the exception of Dani, the drummer). You readers can check out the pictures by clicking on the link below.

Friendly Freddy: The front man was humorous and interactive, but it was hard to discern his words whenever he spoke in English.

ChthoniC 閃靈 - Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains

ChthoniC 閃靈 - Rise Of The Shadows

Initially, I thought no Singaporean Chthonic fan would be crazy enough to the extent of imitating their Taiwanese peers and throw hell notes into the air during the concert. Well, I was wrong. Not only did local fans buy hell notes and pass them around to fellow fans so that they can all recreate that unique Chthonic concert atmosphere, this enthusiastic Chinese fan from Johor Bahru came all the way here just to catch the Taiwanese band in action, and was probably the wildest mosher in the entire crowd.

Here's a picture of the rabid animal:

This is the second metal concert I have attended in the year 2010 so far, and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to go for more if the bands that are performing are as unique and fascinating as Chthonic. After the concert, I camwhored a bit with fellow Zetalambmary pal Zen, and a guy we befriended at the concert. We queued up for about half an hour outside the studio afterwards, and managed to get a group picture with the band and our autographs too!

Before leaving, we shook hands with members of the band, and I was slightly light-headed for a while after that for I shook hands with Doris Yeh and Jesse Liu!

Photo with the deities of the Taoist underworld!: From left to right - Wraith, Lareyne Kaufmann, Zen

All in all, this was one concert that any Singaporean asian metal or black metal fan should not have missed, and if you did, you really missed one hell of a great time. The only slight disappointment about this concert was that Chthonic's keyboardist CJ Kao could not make it due to him being called up for NS enlistment (yeah, Taiwan has it too), but otherwise, his band mates still made a great stage presence.

If Chthonic is returning for a third gig here in the little red dot anytime soon, we hope to see you around next time CJ!


Serberuz Hammerfrost said...

Man, I really hate to sound like an anal reader (and I start to feel like an editor now LOL!!!), especially when u did a great write-up on this one. But, certain mistakes, alas, caught my attention:

Taiwan = NOT in SouthEast Asia. So yeah, they're definitely not the 1st SouthEast Asian band to be signed by a major label.

The REAL FIRST SouthEast Asian band to be signed by a major label = Wormrot (Earache Records, not only the 1st in SEA, but the 1st Asian band in the whole world to be under Earache as well!).

That's it! Other than that, I enjoyed reading this one. Good job!

Shadori said...

Haha, perhaps you might consider being an editor for our site? :P

And sorry for the mistakes man, sometimes we writers don't realise them until someone else points it out to us.

Thanks for pointing it out once again, going to change it now!

Serberuz Hammerfrost said...

Hahaha! No worries man, I just hope you won't be sick of me already now. lol!!! Metal is a journey, as well as a way of life. We learn from one another along the way. Keep it heavy!! \m/