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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Draconis Infernum: Death In My Veins

Year released: 2008
Label: None


1. Funeral March (For Those Entombed) [4:44]

2. Belial Rising [5:20]

3. Death In My Veins [5:45]

4. Cursed Are The Vanquished [6:12]

5. Worship Me [5:49]


When I first learnt of Draconis Infernum, the first thought that shot through my mind was: "Wow, cool name." And this is not your everyday black metal band, it is a Singaporean black metal band. Local music has never sounded so good to me until I heard this! Singapore's underground metal scene is not very huge, its commercial existence thus far is only slightly more than 10 years. But young as it is, it has seen success with many young bands growing increasingly prominent overseas recently, such as Wormrot, Xanadoo and the title band just to name a few.

Anyone who picks up instruments, learn to play well, and has the intent to make music their career can form a band. But how many GOOD bands actually come out of this plethora of budding musicians? Only time has the answer to this question, and so far, Draconis Infernum is doing well. With the barrage of malicious guitar riffs at lightning speed, a lean mean drumming machine, and harsh vocals that sound as seasoned as any prominent old school Western black metal harsh vocalist, Draconis Infernum is set to desecrate and demolish stages both locally and internationally for years to come in their unholy quest to revitalise old school black metal!

Of the five tracks in this short album, I personally like "Belial Rising" best. It is fast and catchy, a song that would probably get black metal enthusiasts headbanging already on their first listen. The 4th track, "Cursed Are The Vanquished", is also another notable track to listen out for because of the same reason, and it is also the longest track in the album (clocking in just over 6 minutes).

Staying true to the style of old school black metal, the lyrics are 100% satanic. Zealots subscribing to any of the Abrahamic religions would find the blasphemous material some use as a stepping stone to further their cause, but other than that, the lyrics sure make some fine dark poetry chocked full of morbid lexicon.

*Dragons Of Hell (lineup for this album): Starting from the top-left in a clockwise direction - Xeper/Sonic Depravation (Guitar), Kount Cider/Aural Misanthropy (Vocals), Serberuz Hammerfrost/Diabolical Nuklear Skin Torture - Pulse ov Decay (Bass Guitar, Drums), Niloc/Blade ov Inhumanity (Guitar)

*Note: Before 2010, Draconis Infernum's bassists were 'sessionists' (for the live shows). Kount Cider is no longer in their ranks as of 2010, and Serberuz Hammerfrost/Diabolical Nuklear Skin Torture - Pulse ov Decay plays the duo role of bass guitarist and lead vocalist for live shows as of 2010 (as well as drums studio-wise). Additionally, Syroth from Warsaw has recently joined the unholy ranks of the band as session drummer for live shows.

Production-wise, Draconis Infernum also put in a lot of effort. Although this is their debut album, it does not sound "raw" at all. Most new metal bands usually have a very unpolished, dirty sound on their debut album, and that is with good reason. They usually are tight on finances and simply cannot afford to risk throwing in everything they have got into a record that might or might not give them a breakthrough. Draconis Infernum however, spent quite a fortune on making a quality record of this album in a good recording studio, which would explain why any unsuspecting listener would most probably think the band is part of the mainstream underground scene in Europe or America on their first listen. Reckless or great foresight? Only the band themselves would know (Edit: The band has informed me that actually, having a raw record can be the intent of the black metal band in question, as black metal is supposed to sound 'raw, disgusting, and ugly'), but nonetheless, what they made was a professional-sounding record that not only officially kickstarted their promising career, but makes for a valuable collector's item as well. Did I mention that there are only 500 copies of this album? I am so glad I got myself one, and I should try to get it autographed should I ever go to any future local gig of theirs, heh heh.

Draconis Infernum - Belial Rising

Overall, Draconis Infernum is one local band that any black metal enthusiast should not miss. In the meantime, wallow in the fiery pits of black aural dissonance! And sit tight for the upcoming 2nd full-length album, "Rites Of Desecration & Demise" as well.

Verdict: 8.8 / 10


Serberuz Hammerfrost said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serberuz Hammerfrost said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serberuz Hammerfrost said...

Thanks for the review! However, there are things that need to be cleared up and corrected:

"Serberuz Hammerfrost/Diabolikal Nuklear Skin Torture (Drums)" <--- You missed out PULSE OV DECAY which stands for BASS.

"Bassists for this album and their live shows are 'sessionists'" <--- The Bass in this album is NOT done by a sessionist. As for live shows, previously it's true. But as of 2010, live formation of the band is me doing Bass & Vocals live (while still doing drums studio wise) and Syroth from Warsaw has been roped in as live session drummer.

Nevertheless, thanks for the support!!

Anonymous said...

I see, alright, shall make the appropriate edits now.

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes!