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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Song Of The Week: Emmure - False Love In Real Life

As my girlfriend always likes to proclaim, "Hmpf!". That, would be the reaction of most people towards Deathcore.

As I have previously mentioned, Deathcore is a very avant-garde genre that probably took root and nourished into a full-blown genre today in the underground scene, probably thanks to American hardcore bands learning death metal and then screwing around with it. Well, that's the essence of making music anyway, constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries to create something new, or else there would really be no point listening to music ever again if everyone is gonna sound like R&B from the start to the end of their careers.

Emmure is a somewhat okay deathcore band, that has recently shown some promise on this single off of their second album, "The Respect Issue" released last year. Some basic information about them: They hail from Connecticut, USA, and formed in 2003. When I first listened to them on their first album, "Goodbye To The Gallows", I immediately thought of demons from hell feasting on half-alive humans, screaming for their lives. That's because, the vocalist, Frankie, really just screams his way through every song you can think of. I was thinking, if that was the way it is, I probably would not really like Emmure, 'cos sure, they are brutal and heavy and all, but there wasn't really much adrenaline-pumping moments to talk about when trembling to their songs (their bass and drums are very overpowering, and worse still, deliberately slow and dreadful at the start of most of their songs).

Ee-mew-er is - Frankie Palmeri - Vocals, Mark Davis - Bass, Mike Mullohand - Guitar, Michael Cobb - Drums, Jesse Ketive - Guitar

But this song changed it all. I actually like this song by them, and oh yeah, did I mention they are the only deathcore band I've heard so far that makes use of growls, screams, and clean vocals? I am not sure if The Acacia Strain does this, 'cos many people have been comparing Emmure to them and I have not heard any of their songs yet, but one thing is for sure, if you actually hear many people talking about a hardcore/deathcore, chances are that band is G-O-O-D. Not many bands manage to make songs that are intense yet fun to listen to.

By the way, Frankie's face in this music video is hilarious, it almost broke my smile into a laugh when I first saw it. The bass guitar part in this song is worth mentioning too, because it just plays mainly one tone throughout the entire song yet adds that foreboding and mean feel to the song. The way the bassist plays it is cool too, with his fingers fluttering and barely touching the strings at all. Check it out in the video above.

Yes, this song is playing on my speakers again while I'm ending off this week's post. Perfect for pumping yourself up before starting on some intensely boring studying again.

Emmure's 3rd album, "Felony", is set to be released on 18th August this year. Watch out for it and anticipate more headbanging to come your way, and perhaps, some funny album artwork again.

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