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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Song Of The Week: Molotov Solution - The Myth of Human Progress

Death metal had its fair share of skeptics and critics back in the early 1990's when it first started to surge in popularity, thanks largely in part to the likes of Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom.

With a bass line that doesn't sound like its there (but assumed to be there, otherwise it ain't no metal), usually duo or trio electric guitars that ferociously rip and shred with the zeal of ravenous demons, a set of drums dishing out a truckload of beats whose tempo usually rival that of heavy rain, and harsh vocals that seem to be intended more for enhancing the 'heavy-like-f**k' feel of the song than the clarity in bringing across the meaning behind the lyrics of the song, this is the modern-day evolution of death metal. A new breed of underground American death metal that has been called Deathcore (closely related to Grindcore and Noisecore as well).

Take a listen!: Brutal, heavy, ear-bleedin'ly insane

Molotov Solution is one of the many brave souls out (or perhaps under) there on the current American underground metal scene whom place their sanity and earnest efforts on the line where they let traditionalists and critics alike verbally slice and dice the legality of their 'music', and extreme non-mainstream fans looking for a good heavy band to headbang to. With that said, it still doesn't mean normal people cannot listen to deathcore, it would be a good experience for new and old metalheads alike who are new to this genre. Music is all about pattern-imitation, and then pattern-changing, and then there is the element of freshness as well. Instead of the typical opening guitar solos that beguiles your saliva glands to start drooling over the possibly melodic aspect of the typical metal song, or the harsh but partially discernible sung lyrics, "The Myth of Human Progress" is a great song to start with in order to get a better idea of what deathcore is about. The vocals are never-before-heard, with the monstrous-sounding growls that would make your blood curdle, and the sudden calm respite in the middle, it sure gets one anticipating what the next surprise would be.

Fiery underground fiends: Robbie (Guitar), Joe (Guitar), Jeremy (Drums), Nick (Inhuman Growling), Anthony (Bass Guitar)

Although not guaranteed to be liked on the first listen, and probably not by many metalheads as well for that matter, this is a unique song that perfectly sums up what deathcore is about in a nutshell.

Foreboding silence >> Impending outburst >> Calm [sometimes melodic] transition >> Recapitulation of first subject >> Abrupt, gritty end.

Yes, this is the musical variation of a dominatrix experience folks. Deriving pleasure from the aftermath of pain.

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